Smart home technology is no longer reserved for the rich or tech-savvy, and the industry has responded with ever more sophisticated solutions. Many people associate smart home technology with gadgets like Google’s Nest or Amazon’s Echo however, the term encompasses many other options for your home. They range from remote-controlled lighting and heating to CCTV, home security systems, doorbells and smart locks. Some allow you to monitor your elderly relatives, pets, or children and even keep track of your children.

The key to a successful smart home system is integration. That is why the top products available are those that integrate with other devices and systems to make your property smarter. A smart light bulb, for instance can communicate with an centralized hub to blog here schedule your lights to run on a timer or turn them off after leaving the house. A video doorbell could alert you to unexpected visitors and alarm systems can notify police or fire departments. Once you’ve learned IFTTT (If This Then That), you can use services like Stringify to automate your devices in more intricate ways.

Of course, bringing in new smart devices to the home is not without its own set of issues. CNET is dedicated to understanding the policies of companies, raise privacy concerns, and even direct questions to companies.

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