Carrying out of work is stress. This is a jump into the unknown and the beginning of great changes. It doesn’t matter if you quit yourself or you were asked to leave. In any case, you may feel a sense of anxiety, even if a new place of work awaits you. How to prevent dismissal from shaking confidence in tomorrow and leave work as comfortable as possible?

In order not to become a hostage of dismissal and leave work as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to take into account two nuances of the dismissal process: economic and psychological.

What you need to know about economic benefits?

Dismissal of one’s own free will – This is any dismissal that the employee initiates. You come and say: “I don’t want to work for you anymore”. Work out for two weeks, on the last day you are given a work book, transfer money to the account, and that’s it – you calmly leave.

Typically, an employee is forced to dismiss at his own request, using a variety of psychological techniques

Dismissal by agreement of the parties – The question is negotiating. Most often, this type of dismissal is initiated by the company when it cannot reduce the employee, but for some reason she wants to get rid of him.

In these cases, the company usually says: “Yes, we want to replace you with someone else or we want to do something else. Here, take the money that compensate for all the inconvenience of dismissal, plus the money that you have already earned, thanks, goodbye “.

Unfortunately, quite often companies want to save. They try to solve the issue not by agreement of the parties, but begin to “squeeze out” a person from work in every way. Typically, an employee is forced to dismiss at their own request, using a variety of psychological techniques – from moral pressure to scandals and even threats.

In such cases, you must always remember and understand that the Labor Code is completely on your side

If you do not walk the work and do not commit any unlawful actions (do not steal, do not violate the terms of the contract, do not disclose a commercial secret), then it will be very difficult to dismiss you.

All these threats – “I will dismiss you for the mismatch of the position/for the fact that you are poorly fulfilling your duties” – it is extremely difficult to arrange legally.

If you really work well, then prove your failure as an employee and a professional will be almost unrealistic. That is why people are trying to squeeze out morally.

My advice – never succumb to psychological blackmail and do not deprive yourself of your own money.

There is also the second side of the dismissal – moral. How to get psychological benefits from the fact of leaving work?

Firstly, you have to diverge well. This means that if you leave at your own free will, it will be correct to qualitatively convey all the things. It is advisable to warn the employer in advance – not in two weeks, you can early – so that he can find a replacement for you.

It will be useful to say that you will remain in touch for some time. Leave your phone number and email address so that a new person can call you-record and clarify something. Of course, these letters and calls must be answered.

Secondly, objectively evaluate your place of work and give adequate feedback. There is such a procedure – a survey of those people who worked in the company. It is most often HR to find out that it was the employee who did not like. During the survey, you can say completely objective things. What are the reasons for which you leave.

But avoid negativity and criticism, especially in the form of “you are all bad here, and I’m in a white coat. Your company is stupid, the boss is stupid, and in general “. It should be refrained from this.

What should I say? That there are moments that are worth paying attention to so that the company works better. Feedback should be constructive.

If you part with a scandal, melodramatic notes or accusations, this will first affect you well

Thirdly, in no case should you criticize (especially publicly in social networks!) former employer. At the time of departure, this can be difficult – emotions are often running out of the ruffle – but it is better to make efforts and try in every possible way to restrain yourself.

What is it for? The fact is that any professional world, even if you do not think so now, is actually final and cyclical. You are more than once – especially if you are just starting a career – you will face people who were your employees, colleagues or bosses, at another place of work. Everyone is interconnected!

People will ask each other about you. Therefore, if you part with a scandal, melodramatic notes or accusations, this will first affect you well. You will be bypassed. You need it?

Fourthly, don’t be afraid. Even if you did not leave yourself and were not at all ready for such a turn of events, nothing bad! Carrying out of work is the same natural process as the start of work. And you can find a new job.

The main thing, remember that if you have difficulty on the way to a dream career, then the best that you can do is ask for help. You cannot handle it yourself – come to us! We know how the vacancy market works.

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